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These are a bunch of before/ after photos and timelapse videos that I have made of all of the projects that we have done throughout the years on our house starting back in 2011.  


Summer of 2011, we remodeled our bathroom.  We completely gutted the everything and started from scratch.  I raised the ceiling all the way to the roof line and added a skylight.  I custom built all the cabinets and even added a kitty hole for our cat to use her litter box which is tucked in one of the cabinets.   


In January 2013, while Rachael was out of town for the weekend, I suprised her by putting in french doors in our master bedroom  


In February 2013, I replaced my old gate with new one with a pagoda overhang

In March 2013, I added lattice to our backyard fence


April 2013, I replaced the fence and added lattice.  


November 2013, I replaced an old metal shed with my new backyard shed.  

December 2103, I built this cool Murphy bed/ fold down bed to use as a guest bed in one of our bedrooms

Front yard.JPG

In June of 2014, we transformed the front of my house by taking down some yucca trees and bushes and put in an arbor and parking strip for our truck camper.

In January 2015, I re-did my garden beds by wrapping my old beds with new redwood planks.  


In February of 2015, I remodeled the Family room/ Kitchen area.  About a year previous, we cracked the mirror in the family room.  Instead of replacing the mirror, we decided to take out that wall and open up the kitchen, bring the ceiling to the roof in the entry way, and added a skylight.  


In April of 2015, I built Rachael her own work room in our backyard, with the help of my Dad, my Uncle David, and some friends.  It turned out to a very nice, 12' by 8' room. I made a loft in the A frame, got a really cool etched glass door, insulated the crap out of it, and I like to call it "The Maxi Pad".

January 2016, I had these gorilla racks on the side of my house that was covered by a tarp for a while.  I finally decided to build a shed a shed around the racks with 2 large doors that move like closet passable doors.  

Half Bath1.jpg

In June 2016, I finished my remodel of my half bathroom. I added a bathroom exhaust fan, textured the whole bathroom, designed and built 2 new cabinets with my patented toilet paper dispenser, new toilet, and new sink. I took advantage of removing the toilet and I snaked the drain lines as much as possible. Big thanks to my Uncle David for his amazing texture job! He is a true artist!

toilet paper.JPG

In July 2016, I added lattice to my side yard fence.  


I started this project in July 2016 and finished in 2019. 4 years in the making! I tore down my old metal patio cover in my backyard and replaced it with a much taller, bigger patio cover about 24' by 10' with a railing up top for privacy. I then built 4 large clear doors made of polycarbonate that can slide and protect from the rain. I would call it the Toddmahal!


In March 2018, I finished my chicken coop. We have 2 chickens, Sandy & Bianca.  The garden bed to the right has been turned into an extension to their chicken run.  The live a pretty good life.  Timelapse video coming out soon

In July 2018, I built another shed in my back yard.  I call it the Mini Me.  It was made to replace an old metal shed that was leaking.  It measures 10' by 8'.  


In August 2018, I put up a fence in my front yard between my neighbor.  

IMG_3921 2.jpg

In the summer of 2020, I installed artificial turf in my backyard. For the 12 years that we have lived here, I tried growing grass, but I was never successful. I found this grass from a place in Oakland that sells turf that has been removed from high school football fields. That is why it has lines painted on the grass. I was able to make it work for my project. It was not an easy project as the turf came with more sand rolled in than actual turf. Each roll weighed over 1700 lbs.  It is so much nicer and cleaner now in my backyard. Thanks to my friends that helped get it out of the truck.

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